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Worksheet column sorting levels

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Is there an easy way to change the "sort order - order" in a worksheet?

In Excel ,Microsoft refers to sort order "levels" which can be moved up and down (e.g. sort by Column A first, then by column B and then by column C) You have a relatively friendly dialogue box where you can move those levels up and down. I can see the little numbers within the worksheet column header icons that show the order levels, so I can see the order in which they are applied, but the only way I can change the 'levels' is to remove all the sorting completely and start again.


I looked here - but nothing mentioned - notably bullet option 5 doesn't work (perhaps this is an older feature now removed (I'm using 2021)



I know there are movements afoot to update worksheets significantly for the next release - so here's hoping 🙂



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Except by scripting it 😃


Try these.  Make any cell in a database column active.  Run the script that sounds like it will do what you want.  It will sort up, sort down, summarize, sum values, or remove any or all of the above.


(I too miss the old way of quickly moving "badges" between columns to reorder sorts.  But I have to admit the new way is WAY WAY WAY more discoverable.  Nobody could figure out the old way on their own.  These scripts are almost as good as the old way.)



Worksheet Sort Scripts.vwx

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