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Smart cue query??


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I am having trouble in v9.0 getting the smart cursor cue for perpendicular line to work. I set the constaints and a get a perpendicular cue when using straight lines but I can't get a cue to a curved line. I draw an arc using the radius tool and then I try to get the ends closed with a line perpendicular to the arc and I can't get the prompt. v8.5 on my other system does this perfectly. Is this another one of those features that got thrown by the wayside like the 'Nudge' command??

What are these software engineers thinking??

Do they ever talk to the people who use this software and depend on it every day??



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No, you are using an early version of VW 9 and are experiencing a bug in that version.

You should update your current version of VW 9 to VW 9.5.2 if you are windows and 9.5.3 if you are mac.

You will need to update each version through 9.5.2 or 9.5.3. Because there are many versions inbetween, you may want to request a VW 9.5.2 CD be shipped to you. Contact customer service at 888-646-4223 to have one sent to you.

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