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Texture Beds not presenting their attributes

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I've been having issues with texture beds today in multiple files...


Texture beds are not presenting their class attributes ( neither line type, line color 2d fill, or 3d texture) on the site model.

They are showing as a white outline in 3d and a green dot dash linestyle in 2d. 


I made a very simple test file but still could not figure out what I'm doing wrong.


If anyone has the time to download and take a look I would be in their debt...




Texture Beds.vwx



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Your Site Modifer is on a different Layer than the Site Model.

You can either move it to the Site Layer or

In the Site Model Settings>General>Use Site Modifers on: Select Layers

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5 hours ago, Tamsin Slatter said:

The other thing you might want to consider is unchecking the Show in 3D checkbox. That is what's giving you white outline.

Thanks Tamsin - I'll give that a try.


I did turn VW off and on a couple of times and now everything is working again.


It was odd because it was across files, even ones that had worked fine before.


But as I said, restarting fixed it.

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