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2mm lost during VP rendering VW2021 SP3.1 - 588748



The size of the HSS in section B-B is as labeled using the 3d square tubing.

1. BUT when rendered in the section viewport it is only 74mm as evidenced by the sectioned tubing being slightly larger when they are all the same size. I had to fake the vertical dimensions.

2. Also the solid line parallel to the bottom edge should not be there. The smoothing angle is set to 5°. These lines appear unpredictably in part or whole from radial point(s) along an extrusion when said solids have been operated upon by one of the 3d modelling tools (add, subtract, section, etc.).


VW Mod8402 Custom's House - roof hatch frames in ventilation shaft.pdfel file is 12.8MB8402 Custom's House - roof hatch frames in ventilation shaft.pdf 855.12 kB · 8 downloads

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I was able to reduce the file size while retaining the rendering error for anyone capable of hunting down this bug causing these dimensional errors.

File attached. (edit: error is still present in today's SP4 602791 update)



My bad, I forgot these needed to posted here in trouble shooting.

Please delete the double posting over in general if not applicable. Thanks.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The problem is that the extent beyond the cut plane is not far enough to include the full thickness of the tubing beyond the cut (it's clipping it at the rounded corners).  Try increasing it (in the Advanced Properties) to something a little larger.  It was 64.5 and I increased it to 80 to fix the issue.

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