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Bugs & Crash to Desktop issues???



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Has the forum ( and Nemetschek/Vectorworks) simply stopped elevating problems to the known issues part of the forum?

If we don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist premise! (Just like politics.) Nothing new was elevated throughout all of 2020. (unless the site's sort feature is broken)


In working more with 3d elements and viewports in VW2019 and VW2021 I have had more crashes to desktop (CTD) this year than the past 5 years. Somewhat reminiscent of the MiniCad 4 days. Now this could partially be due to switching to the Windows platform and its frustrating implementation of palettes which prevent the keyboard shortcuts from being activated unless escape is pressed first. But I find with my mouse (Razer if that's a factor) that selecting buttons in the info palette, the layer button in the titlebar and a few others are causing crashes to desktop. Today it seemed like a keyboard shortcut triggered CTD.


In addition, the inability to select the note text of an exploded dimension remains as a bug.

Rendering viewports are having multiple issues with lines that should and shouldn't be displaying.

This week I had an object in a section viewport that was drawn incorrect and therefore dimensioned incorrectly.  Fixed, not a bug.


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My bad, I forgot that these need to be posted to the trouble shooting forum.

(edit: please move this posting to Trouble Shooting if applicable, Thanks.)

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