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Dual Dimensioning - No Fractional dimension accuracy




Can anyone confirm  - on VW 2021 SP 4 

Dual dimensioning does not work  - No fractional dimensions shown when using dual dimensioning . 
This function has not worked for at least two SP1 versions on VW 2021 as far as I recall, I encountered this issue some time ago and had been in touch with local UK - VW support . - They told me it was a known issue . 


Unfortunately seems at least 1 SP possibly 2 releases later - still dealing with it - ( On my set up at least ) 


Just seeking advice as to if ..... 

Is this in fact a known issue or just something local to my one set up perhaps ?1931213349_Screenshot2021-07-08at16_23_16.jpg.17ccdc48c45d88a671153aa663f53b18.jpg



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I just tested in SP4. It is not working correctly.


In Stacked Dual (either the stock ASME Dual Stacked or a custom stacked dimension), the fraction will not display in either of the reduced fraction size modes. Only the first mode (full size characters rather than a single glyph of the fraction) works. The second and third modes do not work with stacked, but do work with side by side.


First Mode



Second Mode - Note missing fraction in stacked mode.



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Interestingly, I was assisting a Canadian architect client, and he was going nuts because of this situation where fractions were not showing up when using dual dims, just as Davidwd noted.

This was in VW 2020, and it is a bug, seems. to me.

Note the screenshot.

Fractions only show up when using the fractional display on the far left, in the screenshot.

IF you choose to use either of the other two options, the fractions are gone.


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