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Plant Symbols on Reports

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Hey all. I remember a few years ago Vectorworks Landmark gave us the ability to put our plant symbols into reports so they could appear on our plant lists and I even played around with it a while back then before deciding not to use it. I would like to start using it now and for the life of me I can not remember how to add the symbols to custom reports and a Google search didn't bring up anything. 


Is there a simple way to do this? 

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The function to add images to a worksheet is =Image


But you are probably better off looking at the reformatted reports than just trying to add this into your worksheet.


Tools:Reports:Create Report.  In the top left pop-down menu, choose Preformatted Report and then choose one of the Plant Reports with Image.


Some of these use a different way to get the image into the file that has some added benefits, but is much harder to explain. Take a look at some of the preformatted reports and see if there is something that is close enough to what you want that you can modify it.






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Is there really no way to do it in a custom report? That is disappointing. I did try adding "image" to a custom report but it literally just put the word image in every box in that column. Not a fan of the layout of the preformatted so not sure this is going to work for me and it seems that trying to change anything within them is more of a headache then I want to deal with. 

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You probably need the equal sign first "=image" Then you probably need to go to the Format menu, choose Cell, then Image. Autosize will make the image fit in the cell. But that will probably be too small. You probably want to set a large image size and then adjust the cell size to match.


You can certainly get your images manually. I was just suggesting that it is easier to use the preformatted reports if you don't know a lot about worksheet formulas.  


The VW Help about images in worksheets is actually pretty good and you probably should start there if you want to add them to your worksheet.

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