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Force custom printable area into One page?

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I'm working with a university to redraw their theater spaces into better drawings - since the base info comes from them, everything is watermarked with the educational mark (I'm a paid, professional user for many years).  We're trying to do a non standard paper size for our sheets - the desired output is 42 inches wide x 36 inches tall.  No matter what I do, VW won't let me pick this custom size and have it be one sheet - it keeps tiling smaller pages to make this up, even if I use "Choose size unavailable in Printer Setup".  I don't have a plotter in my studio, so I can't set the printer settings to anything larger...but I thought "Choose size unavailable in Printer setup" was supposed to override this problem.  The result of this tiling is that I am getting watermarks all over the drawing space, not just top and bottom.


Please tell me I'm missing something simple here?  Thoughts?  See attached.  I'm building this out in VW 2020 SP 3.1 on Windows 10.


Thanks in advance for any help!




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You need to go to the Printer Setup and choose a printer that supports a page size of what you need. You don't have to have the actual printer, just install a printer driver that handles the paper size.


Or choose the printer you have and create a custom paper size Under Mange Custom Sizes...




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Thanks Pat - I used to do exactly that with Manage custom sizes on Mac, but since switching to Windows, I can't find the equivalent.  It's frustrating that Choose Size Unavailable in Printer Setup doesn't really do what the name implies :)


I'm installing a driver for a HP plotter right now - I'll report back - thanks!



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Is there any recommended "standard" Printer/PDF Driver, Windows and macOS,

to get usable paper sizes for PDF (!) output - without loads of bloatware ?


Currently I build my own "non printer setups" manually on every VW installation


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Posted (edited)

I did an HP plotter, but was surprised to see the download was over 1 GB.  I did a custom installation and didn't add anything other then the driver.  I don't want their "Manager" software and bloat.  Would be good to know if there is a better way to deal with this.

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Yes, since I am on Big Sur and M1,

most of my Printers are somehow deprecated and do no more run very well.

(32 bit and such)

So when caring about these and try to get them running; I also saw the

Driver Sizes and the crappy Software.


I think in the past (mid 90ies ?) there was something like a universal

HPGL plotter driver for Windows.


( I never really need final paper plan work, and I do not get why I need a

fake printer driver driver or larger manual intervention in VW at all.

To just save some single "Paper" PDFs at a certain Scale)

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