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Roof / Roof face - Change a cut out opening



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Hi! Thanks for that.

It works, but the consequence of this action is, that the roof gets split up to roof faces this way.

We'll lose the benefits of the roof...

I have to see if I can live with that.

But thanks again, your suggestion was helpful.

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I only discovered this function quite recently in an obscure post written some time ago. I've never seen it mentioned anywhere else. I agree it's crazy that something so fundamental to the function of the tool isn't properly listed/publicised

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Thanks. I agree that it's quite tricky to get there. 


Anyway, there is another "riddle" I can't solve.

I need to get the 2 roof ridges of a trapezoidal dormer perpendicular to the fascia.

I can't seem to find the geometrical - mathematical way to construct this.

See attachment and vwx.

May you have an idea? It must have something to do with roof slopes

and intersections between related faces...


Dormer 2.jpg

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-06 um 15.43.55.png

Trapezoidal Dormer test.vwx

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