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Import Speaker Position DATA from SoundVision

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Greg, 


I am keen to make an enhancement request for this, Would anyone be able to post an example XML file here for me to take a look at.


For now, you ideally need some form of geometry or Loci, then you could use the Modify - replace with symbol command, however you wouldn't get splay angle/angle relative to proceeding. 


Would be good to get an idea of the typical data that would be exported and I can start the request.


All the best


Tom W


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Hi Greg, hi Tom,


Just to give you some insight as this is an old topic for me, L Acoustics does not permit export of their speaker set-up as they are afraid people could collect their venue database drawing (stupid reason IMHO...) so no export in any format...

Maybe if contacting them on behalf of VWX they might be more open to share ; yet even contacting under name of one of worldwide leader of AV supplier they did not want to change their position...


Yet I believ the connection between VWX and sound design software is key for futu and effciciency ; there is no chance we will ever avoid the simulation and design in manufacturer sooftware ; then import into VW of initial versions and then updates is always a waste of taime and a pain as it brakes links, change weights & riggin links ; presentations etc.

So this would be a nice improvment for VW soft to be better connected to sound software , on the same mindset of GDTF with lights.


@Tom : If this integration topic could be considered in your dvpt journey, Adamson migh be a good first step/demonstrator toward other manufacturer as their soft already export setup into dwg ; Yet with better interconnection we would prefer to keep speakers as speakers/clusters and not  dwg objects. If there is any interest from your side, I would be happy to connect you to support connection to Adamson lead dvpt team.



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