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Landscape Area - Density at Metres on Centres (MoC)

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Hi All,


I want to ask you how VW calculates number of plants in the MoC mode. In v2021 where individual plants' 2D visualisation/symbol can be turned on, I tend to check if the number of plants make sense practically. I set my shrubs to be at 3 moc in a rather narrow swathe. The result is rather far from what was expected:


I understand that this is an coding issue. To my understanding, at MoC the next plant should be no further than the required value.


This is also rather annoying when designing a mixed-species green walls made of climbers. VW is still not capable of producing mixes along a line, so Landscape Areas are needed for that, coupled with a trial and error exercise, to get the numbers right. When I try MoC for climbers (or any other planting typology to that matter), the software doesn't help either. At 1 moc, the plants are either all over the place (in wider areas) or are too sparse. I would expect that if my area in super narrow, the plants would assume almost a linear arrangement. Unfortunately this is not the case, because the symbols are forced to arrange in rows. If the area is at angle different than 45 dg, the plants will be distributed with large gaps. Whilst back in the day, we used to draw them by hand at where they should be, one would expect that dedicated software would streamline the process. 


Perhaps this is actually subject to some settings, hidden somewhere deeper in Preferences. Any help or workflows recommended?

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