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saved view scripts, is it possible?

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A question for the scripting gurus. I use saved views a lot in my workflow to export patterns to DXF for import into my CNC software. Every design layer has a rectangle to represent a sheet of MDF or plywood, in the same position on every layer (0,0). I save a view of each layer (named cnc 1, cnc 2, cnc 3 and so on). I can have quite a view layers and saved views by the time I'm done processing a project onto the panels. See attached screenshot of a typical view.


What I would like is a script that would allow me to save the saved views automatically - not to have to flip to every layer and save the view individually. I would like to select the layers, and the view, and make a saved view for each one, if that makes sense.


Is this possible?


mid-2015 MacBook Pro, Mojave

VW2021, SP4



Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 16.27.59.png

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Anything is scriptable (or at least most things are), but it would probably be much easier to just create a Template file with maybe 20 Layers and Saved Views. That would take you less than 30 minutes.


To create a script that will reliably do what you are trying to do will be multiple hours (maybe 10s of hours, depending on your scripting skills).


What benefit do you see the script giving you and what exactly do you want the script to do besides create a standard Saved View?

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Thanks, Pat. I like the suggestion about a template file. The only benefit of the script was just to save time. The only problem with the template file is I move my laptop between home and work and the saved views are different between my monitors. But I'll create the template and try it out.




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Also, saved views don’t have to save the page (screen) orientation. You can select your first saved view on either your laptop or descktop, orient the view to your liking; perhaps by selecting the sheet outline and executing cmd+6,  and then all your saved views will be correct regardless of the device on which you are working. 

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