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The one thats part of the single line tool pop out.

How can I cahnge the defaults for this 'tool'. The dot default is highly undesireable as well as some of the other dimensions that go along with it. In the 'Create Plug In' dialog under the Organize menu item doesn't allow for modification of defaults.

Please show/tell me how to do this.

Thank you.

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The callout tool is behind the Text tool.

There is also a Leader line tool that is not part of the workspace by default and may have been added at some point by you to the workspace.

Can you please clarify which you are referring to?

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If the Callout tool is mentioned I would like to suggest an interface improvement, regarding this useful tool: Double clicking on a callout object, with the 2D selection tool, should let us edit the text, exactly as double clicking on text object do.

One of the best VW 10.x interface improvement was the double click with 2D selection tool to edit objects, I think it is just natural to implement that behavior on the Callout tool.

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Can you mouse over it to see if it is the callout tool or the leader line tool?

There should be a window that pops up telling you exactly which tool it is.

Be default, the callout tool is stacked behind the text tool.

There is no such tool behind the line tool - that only has the line, double line and break line objects within the stack.

So either you moved the callout tool or you added the leaderline tool to the workspace behind the line tool.

Depending on which tool it is, there is a different answer.

[ 10-13-2003, 10:14 AM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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