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SP4 Vision 2021 DMX connection problem

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm not aware of any significant changes to the MA3Net stuff in the SP4 release. Did this work for you in SP3? Either way, this is the first report I'm hearing of this and I will make sure that the MA3Net developer gets this report. Seems like this should be an easy one to reproduce!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Ahhh, I just heard back and this is indeed a known reproducible issue with SP4. We are working on getting a fix out ASAP. For the time being, use another DMX Provider or if you can fall back to SP3. It's always hard to predict how quickly/easily something can be fixed, but I'm hopefully that this will be resolved sooner than later 😉

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Luckily I have a console here and not a viz-key, because I can still output sACN on all my granted universes.


I believe that when recording DMX, the MA3 connection is smoother and better than recording sACN. When I rendered out an animation with Absolute Camera moves using MA3 Connect, the camera was quite smooth. When this problem happened and I switched to sACN, the DMX recordings resulted in jerky camera movements.


The model is now more complicated, so perhaps that has something to do with it. That Absolute camera is wonderful, but it is frustrating to see it work smoothly one day and jerky the next.


However, I don't have time for these experiments any more.


My solution has been to go back to MA2 for lighting programming and MA3D (2 version) for pre-vis. It just works better.


I'm sorry, but I'm done debugging Vision for now. I'll be using other tools to get my programming done. 


I really appreciate your efforts and detailed responses, but when an upgrade breaks a working feature and it gets released, it's really frustrating. Some will say "don't upgrade while working on a project" but I HAD to upgrade to get the MVR texture import to work after identifying that problem.


Covid time was great for learning new software and experimenting, but now that real work has returned, I find myself fighting the newest software more than using it.


Very disappointed that all of this work has not resulted in a more usable product. Seems we are still playing catch-up with Vision and every time there's a problem fixed, new problems are created. 


I hope that the "higher ups" that seem to be holding this product back, promising features that don't work and generally dragging feet on Vision hear that this customer is NOT satisfied and will be switching to some other product before this year's Vision license expires. 


I'll keep posting about Vectorworks issues, however... Not going to give up 25 years of sunk cost in that program. At least MVR gives me options.





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