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Spotlight - Refresh lighting devices from Python

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I'm updating a handful of lighting devices in python, however the changes don't apply until I refresh the devices via the menu command "Refresh Lighting Devices". 


Is there a way to call this function in my script? 



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Yes. My Python is very weak, so here is some Vectorscript instead.


I also do very little with lighting devices, so I don't know if the LDevice_Reset is enough as there is also a procedure LDevise_ResetVisual that you might need to use in place of or in addition to the LDeviceReset line.


This script resets every lighting device in the drawing. If you only want to reset certain devices, you can change the criteria portion of the ForEachObject command to limit the objects padded to the Execute procedure.




Procedure RefreshLD;

Var	H1:Handle;

Procedure Execute(Hd1:Handle);

	ForEachObject(Execute, ((PON='Lighting Device')));



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