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Connect Combine Tool & Roof Faces Not working as expected

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I use rectangle tool to create roof outline.

AEC>Create Roof, set parameters, does what I expect.

Do the same for a smaller roof that needs to connect to main roof resulting in valleys.


Connect combine tool does not work unless smaller roof is ungrouped or drawn as roof faces.


When I use connect combine tool, smaller roof face outlines in red, connect to main roof which

outlines in red, the the small roof dissapers.

However, if I put mouse at small roof location, orange outline shows.

Main roof still shows.


Main roof and small roofs are in Roof Class and Roof Layer


Any ideas as what is causing this??


I have watched multipe videos and the tool does not work as the videos show.


VW 2019 Architect, Renderworks




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Using Nvidia GTX 1650 Video Card.

Updated Drivers using Studio instead of Gaming Drivers.

Not sure sure what drivers were installed originally.


Noticed that OpenGL Detail setting was set to low.

Set to very high and now the connected roof faces with valleys show in 3D as well as 2d.


Must use roof faces to connect to main roof.

Create roof does not work for other roofs to connect to main roof unless you ungroup.

Main roof stays as create roof.


Make sure that eave heights are the same (unless you want them at different elevations) or you will not get expected results.





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Roof Faces have no options for Soffits and such.


VW Architect;

Use the AEC>Create Roof, set the soffit settings (check the box)

Now, Ungroup the roof which will show individual roof faces

Soffit settings will be there.

Use connect combine tool if connecting roof face to another roof.



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