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Site measuring tools

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I have the same question, did you do anything about using Moasure. I am especially interested in how VW would deal with measures and how useful its information would be for making existing grades. 

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I did not do anything about Moasure.  There seem to be systems popping up daily.  I did buy a Bosh laser tape measure.  Gotta say its pretty awesome.  Tough when measuring down a straight wall.  You'll need to make a target.  Mine is my note book jammed into what ever I can find.  My understanding, talking to some civil engineering friends, is that I'm way behind the times when it comes to site measurements.  

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I use a regular laser measure. Aiming at the target can be a pain, especially when there are things like furniture or foliage in the way.


And it's not much good for outdoors measurements on a sunny day.


And while it can give me very accurate straight-line measurements it won't give you relative elevation heights. Those always have to worked out after the event.


I can see the attraction of the device in the OP. Presumably these types of things are going to become gradually cheaper and more commonplace.

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