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How to cut a spiral groove in pipe

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I am designing a yard tool.  I want to twist a cylindrical sleeve and have a pin travel in a spiral cutout to extend the interior cylinder.  I can find no way to draw this.  I can draw a partial spiral, but I have found no way to use Extrude Along Path to form a spiral cutout pattern to be subtracted from the cylinder.

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Something like this?


Red Spiral was made with the Sweep tool and then Subtract Solids from the Blue Cylinder. 


To make an open spiral, put a locus point to the left of the circle at the point where you want the center of the spiral to be and select both then Sweep.



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Looks like you are on to somethig, but I am having a hard time getting it to work.  I can't get a spiral to work.

I make the blue and red circles.  

Put a 3D locus point in the center of the blue circle.

Select the locus point and the red circle and then Sweep.  Will not sweep - error message.  Bottom line is I have been unable to make the red spiral. 2D locus doesn’t work either.

With no locus points I get donuts.


So, I need a little more instruction.


Also, I need the spiral to have a square profile - to make a slot for a pin to ride in.

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The sweep requires a 2D locus at the center of rotation and it has to be to the left of the object to be swept.


Make the swept object a square (or probably a rounded rectangle with equal sides and a very small radius on the corners [if you need this to be completely accurate]) and you should get a "square" spiral.


What version of VW are you running?

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