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Issues With Rendering Textures in Elevation Viewport

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I have built a model that initially showed all textures accurately in the elevation viewport. However, after a few days, the textures do not show up in the viewport. Some walls show up and some don't. Each time I refresh the viewport the material rendering will change or it won't change. Certain walls will render and others won't. Then I'll refresh the viewport, causing other walls to render and the walls with texture will then go blank. I am assigning textures by layer in the components. I have built about 4 models so far and have never had this issue before. Thanks in advance!

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At first I thought about such issues happened a lot in VW 2021

up to SP3x and there is some hope that SP4 might fix some.

SP4 was released yesterday.


But if I look at your signature,

Is VW 2019 your current VW Version ?


And is it still macOS Sierra ?

In case you updated lately to Big Sur,

VW 2019 is no more supported for Big Sur.


And do you use the latest Service Packs ?

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Thanks for responding! Usually, I get e-mails when people respond to my post, but I didn't get an e-mail for this one, so sorry for the late reply. Yes, I am still in 2019 and I have not updated to Big Sur. I will be updating in the next couple of weeks to the most recent Vectorworks. My current copy is up to date. I have been wondering if the update will fix this problem. My only conundrum is that this issue is currently not happening in my other models. It seems to be unique to this model.

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Hmmh, I would run the Trial Version first before upgrading.

There is no guarantee that it will fix the issue.

Newer versions aren't without flaws too.


As it seems to be file specific,

there are the usual things to test.

Like copying the whole geometry to a new blank file.

Especially the specific problem Walls.


Which Render Modes do you use in your Viewports ?

Or is there something wrong with Class Overrides (?)


Could be thousand things.

Corrupt File/Walls/Viewports/....

Maybe it would be a good idea to send the File to VW Support.

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