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roof face with incline in both directions (X and Y)?



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16 hours ago, Hans-Olav said:

if you rotate the line that defines the slope you can get the roof to slope in both directions

You need to calculate to get the right angle

Hi Hans-Olav.

Thanks for reply.

It's not possible to rotate a roof face in 3d > see attachment.

It says "Hybrid objects can only be rotated around z-axis.


I've tried to rotate a simple rectangle in x and y, and then make a roof face out of it.

Even that is not possible...

It's quite disappointing, that such an advanced software can't solve such a common task...


Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-01 um 09.38.17.png

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ok. I think I got it. Thanks.

this works.

unfortunately, a roof face like this doesn't properly work in offset with another roof face. 🤪

It's quite a lot of effort to build something as common as a trapezoidal dormer, don't you agree?


Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-01 um 11.13.40.png


Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-01 um 11.58.14.png

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I'm trying hard to get it right.

In the document attached I have 2 examples:


1) 2 roof faces which I got from a roof, that I've changed into faces.

2) 2 roof faces built from scratch.


It's strange to me: When I try to edit roof style, the ones built from scratch and  aren't possible to offset, do not show "edit roof style" when I right click on them.

While the other 2 do. (They have been extracted from a former roof.)


Can it be that there is a different behavior when roof faces are "exploded" roofs?

Roof faces 2.vwx

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1 hour ago, Mi&D said:

Thanks for your help, @Hans-Olav

Please, could you try joining the 2 roof faces in the document attached.

I can't seem to get there...

They should make up a trapezoidal dormer in the end.

Roof faces.vwx 582.5 kB · 3 downloads


I have not tried for very long, but I could not get them to join properly.


My experience with roof faces is that they have quite a lot of bugs and sometimes connections work properly, sometimes they don't.


I mostly only use them for quite simple roofs. For something like the dormer you are building, it's likely that I'd end up building it manually from solids.

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It's a right pain, because drawing a multilayer roof buildup in the kind of configuration the OP wants is really tedious to do manually, and the roof face tool, if it actually worked, would make it loads quicker, and loads easier to edit subsequently. But in industry-leading, BIM-ready Vectorworks, a functional roof face tool is just a bit too much to ask.

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ok, thanks for the specification. I'll have a closer look at that point, too.


In the end, this has been the problem of the dormer.

The next question is, how to solve the joints between dormer and main roof...?

Let's see...

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