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Display viewport into layer

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I am trying to display a viewport into a layer with a different scale compare to the layer where it is display. I am trying to print then a PDF showing both viewport (scale 1:50) and layer scale 1:100).

I created the viewport, cropped it too... but I am not able to show the other layer, I can only see the viewport.


Attached is what I am trying to achieve. Please help 🙂



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It should work like this:


Your main drawing is living on a design layer(s). 

You create the first viewport of the whole space in 1:100 scale and send this to a sheet layer.

Go back to the design layer and make a new viewport of the entry way detail in 1:50 scale and send this to the same sheet layer.



Alternatively, you can make the first viewport and send it to your sheet layer in 1:100.  Then, duplicate this viewport and double click to edit the crop to focus on the entry way - hit the orange button in the upper right when the new crop is correct.  Then, with this new viewport selected, go to the Object Info Palette and change the scale to 1:50.  Position it where you want on your sheet layer page.


Make sense?



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Hi and thanks for your reply.


I am trying your alternative method. The issue is this: I cannot position it on the sheet layer... I don't see the viewport. It is either the viewport or the sheet layer. I don't know how to view both.

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You should create the PDF from the Sheet Layer.

You need 2 Viewports on the Sheet Layer, one @ 1:50 and one @ 1:100


All the drawing lives on the Design Layer - the scale doesn't matter.

The Viewports reference the Design Layer.


The geometry on the Design Layer should be drawn at 1:1 even though the Design Layer itself displays geometry at 1:100 etc.

If you've already drawn everything 1/100 then select it all, Modify>Group  and Modify Scale x100.

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