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Existing tree tool

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I am trying to use the Existing Tree Tool and I want to turn off the tag. I've read in other Vectorworks forums that I can "get plant data" to select a species and "set the tag class" of the existing tree to turn it off. By in the object info palette that I have in Vectorworks 2021, there is no "get plant data" option under the existing tree tool and there is no tag class option. I am using landmark 2021.

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The Get Plant Data button is in the Plant Tool, not the Existing Tree tool.
The Existing Tree tool has a Get Species Data button on the Object Info palette.

You'll find the place to set the class and tag options under Tag and Number Options. 

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No, I don't believe so, but for all tagging, I would recommend you look at the Data Tag tool instead of looking at the tagging options within the individual tools.

With Data Tags, you can include whatever information you want, control the layout yourself and tag multiple objects in one click. 

Here's a course in the University that will teach you about Data Tags. Don't be put off by the title - Data Tags are not just for hardscapes. They are for anything that has data attached:


I will also make a small example file and attach it here.


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Tamsin - another Existing Tree tool Question.


I like using the 'use 2D component symbols" (ET05 and ET06 work well with our style) but it seems that the geometry is on the 'None' class.


This makes selecting existing trees awkward (they only highlight at the very center of the object) and all but negates the 'class options:' usefulness as, for example, if you have your existing tree class active and set to "grey other" it greys your trees as the '2D component' geo is on 'none' by default.


So my question:

How do we set the '2D component' geometry class to a custom class as opposed to 'none? 



On 7/2/2021 at 2:56 AM, Tamsin Slatter said:

... Warning - Data Tags are addictive... .

This is so true!

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I was wondering what the best approach is when you are working in large areas and have existing forest patches you want to include in the design. 


The landscape area tool seems like it could work perhaps, but are there implications for taking this approach?

I'm usually working on larger properties (50-160 Ha) and they have areas of exotic and native forest that are to be retained, but I don't want to waste time going through and adding individual trees or defining specific species mixes for these.


Appreciate your guidance.





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