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HARDSCAPE - Send to surface workflow


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Hello community,


Am trying to send to surface (site model) hardscape object using stake objects in hardscape surface modifier..but with no luck...

How we can simply send to surface hardscape object as is possible with road object?

I thougth it might be very easy to do this kind of operation with all of aligned slabs options but cant find the right steps to do so. Hope there is way to do this automatically without need to position stake objects individually that is case when site is quite uneven.



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What type of hardscape have you created? (aligned?slab?) Have you checked your settings in the hardscape object that it is aligning to the same layer the site model is on?



A hardscape object should automatically go to the surface if it falls within the site boundary, and if it goes outside of this boundary even a little it will not align.




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@Pootthanks for quick answer. 
I probably wasnt clear enough in my first post…i wish to create hardscape ( it will be pathway in park) that it will automaticaly follow surface uneveness of site model ( it is quite hilly). I expect that hardscape will change its form to sit perfectly on top of surface of site model without me setting it manualy. 
i was hoping to achieve it using ‘ send to surface’ but it only change elevation of hardscape object not its form. 
do i always have to go to surface modifier option of hardscape and do it there manualy using stakes and grades? It is quite tedious this way.  Hopefuly i am missing something obvious…?


And to your question: i have it as 3d aligned slab and layers that it aligns to are correctly set.

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Why don't you just use landscape areas? From what I understand, the hardscape tool is basically a fancy slab tool, which will not align perfectly to the site model since it is a slab. You would have to use grade-network site modifiers at best to come close to what you want. Landscape areas, which offer the same functionality follow the site model precisely.

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