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Wall Styles VW 2022



Want to make a big hit with VW users?

Wall style tool needs to be able to have horizontal offset ability for wall componets.

Currently, each components horizontal location is based on previous wall component.

Need the ability to overide or edit each componets horizontal "stack" location independant of previous component

or use of air spaces.


This way one would be able to have multiple components at the same horizontal componet location.

Think brick or stone for lower portion of wall, soldier or stone cap, then siding all in same component space

but stacked vertically.




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A more comprehensive wall tool would be appreciated, with the addition of materials, I've attempted to include additional information below grade for walls. The work around has been to create a footing and wall cap (hardscapes) 1-wall "core" (CMU or CIP Concrete) and multiple "Veneer" walls stacked on the outside... As long as the wall only has one slope on each side, my "Walls" are made up of 9 walls, counting veneers, and block ups aligned with the wall "core". This is a tedious process, and works, but it far from elegant, and very near a nightmare when editing is required or, when slopes change.


Below is the image of a wall with sloped veneer (construction would be stepped but this come close to averaging for takeoffs without making additional walls... This wall with a single slope required 9 wall components (far end is below grade), plus a slab for the wall cap and footing... When it comes time to edit, the stacked components can be difficult to align properly in plan view.





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