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Top Wavy Curved Wall

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You can use AEC>Create Wall Recess... to subtract a 3D object from the top of the wall. However this command always seems to leave an upstand at one end when you try to apply it to the full length of a wall: you may be able to get around this but if not, an alternative is to create a Wall Hole Component symbol that subtracts the volume from the wall in a similar way


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Thanks. I’ll try it when I get back to my workstation. 


However, notice that the walls themselves are comprised of at least one curved wall (radius in planview). So while the subtraction method may still work on curved walls, the challenge then becomes the creation of that subtractive object. It seems to be the same problem, only in subtractive inverse. Might as well just keep the positive object flipped upside down and don’t even bother using a wall object. 


But how to make that “horizontally held trowel” sweep in a compound wavy motion across a curved object (curved in planview)?


I might be making this more difficult than it should be. 

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if you don't need it to be a Wall object then yes probably definitely better to model it in 3D. You could make the curvy-topped 'wall' straight first then use the 'Deform' tool to curve it in plan. But other ways I'm sure which other people will be better placed to suggest. NURBS Surfaces + 'Section Solids...' command perhaps. Good luck!

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Definitely no doors or windows needed in such an object. I think it comes down to that "curved wall" section of how to get the top corners at either wavy end to meet the straight walls . Also need to work within my Vectorworks Architect toolset, as a search for solution turns up something about "roadway tool" which I don't have.

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14 hours ago, AlanW said:

That works well, draw a straight wall. draw a polyline as the top of the wall, extrude and section solid the wall, delete the top and use the deform tool to bend to desired shape.


Perfect! Thank you! It's a good exercise to learn the tool.


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