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Please, find bellow a drawing showing my 3 buildings to illustrate my post. 


1. What I observed 

- It is not possible to have 2 stories at the same level (for instance A0 and B0 on the same level)

- It is really annoying (and I'm trying to stay polite here) to set these stories one bye one when you have 12 buildings, 50 stories, 70 layers. In one window they are listed by name, in another by level; I had to print my layers manager and highlight my stories like in the '80s to see what's happening. After approximately 801'153 clicks I got what I wanted. 


2. My questions 

- How to set properly a file and their stories with multiple buildings in order to export it to IFC ?  

- Is it really mandatory to assign stories in order to export an IFC ? 



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On 6/22/2021 at 4:01 PM, Stéphane said:

- Is it really mandatory to assign stories in order to export an IFC ? 



looks like ...

Currently I gave up on Story/Level setups and just use old school Layer+Wall Heights.

I can only apply Layers to Stories in IFC export dialog by the few Stories that came

from my file template.


Not sure if you really need to "assign" Stories. At least you have to create some Stories,

to be able to make use of them in IFC Export dialog.

(I think assigning Stories to Layers will just automate the IFC Story assignment)



Multiple Story Systems in VW, - not in a single File as VW has no Spatial Location

system like :




LEVEL 0, LEVEL 1, .....


So in general, a separate VW File for each Building,

a Master File to reference everything together.

And maybe that way IFC exports as a whole Project with all buildings.



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