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InteriorCAD record formats

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I had previously set up a set of undermount slider fittings in VW 2020 using the standard method outlined in the InteriorCAD manual, and they continue to work just fine. I remember vaguely that I had a difficult time locating where was the right place to find the record format inside the symbol. Now I am trying to set up some variations, and I can't locate the record format, or else if I do, all the fields are zeroed out. according to the manual, it should be located on the main group of geometry in the symbol definition, but it's only showing the "sales info" records. However, when I place this slider into a cabinet, it correctly applies the records to the drawer box. 


Is there any other way to access the records for these fittings? I tried rebuilding from the default example fitting, but I can't find the records for that, either.


Thank you!




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I seriously need help with RECORD FORMATS! The specific case I'm looking to figure out is with using InteriorCAD objects, but I imagine this applies to other workflows and objects in Vectorworks, as well. I haven't been able to track down any generalized discussion of what are record formats, what do they do, how they work, and how to create one. 


If anyone knows of a resource on the internet that has some decent nuggets, I would be much obliged! 



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This is an old but still relevant post that also has other links in it. Have a look and fire back any questions. This post was in the days before data tags so there is another layer of functionality in there also. But it's quite an involved topic and this I think is a good start.



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I agree with @Boh that the threads he linked are probably your best starting point. Read through those and then post back here (or there) with other questions. Boh and I both keep a pretty close eye on the forum and should see anything you post in either thread.


It might also help for you to give us any background you have using other spreadsheets and databases. There are a lot of both concepts involved in VW Records.

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