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Strange handle placement for Corner Square Front base cabinet

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Hey all,

I'm pretty new to VW but not completely new to drafting in general. I can't figure out why in 3D view, corner cabinets that are type "Corner Square Front" have the weirdest handle placement. It seems VW creates that type of cabinet with 2 separate doors (though this is all but unheard of in real-life corner cabinet design), so if I include door handles, the handle on the left gets basically half stuck in the corner. I end up just selecting "No Pull" for my door handles so it doesn't look messed up, but this isn't accurate for many reasons (it looks messed up in elevations & section views, I couldn't count on an accurate parts list based on the drawing, etc.).

I've scoured over the Object Info palette like mad and can't see any way to customize this. I wish VW assumed that in a corner square front cabinet the door would likely be hinged in the middle and have a handle on either of the far sides of the cabinet. There's also no way to customize having no door but multiple drawers that I can see, which is also something I've done on a project I worked on (full-depth drawers in these square front corner cabinets are so neat!). I'd LOVE more customization in the cabinets department in general.

Any help would be grand. Cheers!

Base corner cabinet handle issue.PNG

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@Ride thanks, yeah the folks here have been considering that for a while, so it makes sense. I do think they could do a lot more customization within the VW tool though. I wish the basic tool let you define # of doors on base cabinets, for example. Why that isn't there is beyond me...it's there for the uppers. A few tweaks and it would be enough for many tasks, especially when you just need to put together rough plans in order to get quick estimates. Did you find InteriorCAD had a steep learning curve? I plan on watching the VW Uni videos on it soon.

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Steep learning curve? Yes and no. Placing and customizing cabinets using the cabinetmaker tool is fairly intuitive and straightforward. Customizing things after with the suite of InteriorCAD tools is less intuitive. I always found that the videos made it look so easy, but doing in reality was more difficult. Either way, I've had good support from the InteriorCAD staff, so you're never too far from help. InteriorCAD's @Stephan Moenninghoff is quite active on the forum and responds quickly.

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6 hours ago, Ride said:

Customizing things after with the suite of InteriorCAD tools is less intuitive.

@Ride I would like to make sure it does not stay that way. If you have particular cases where you think interiorcad could be improved, please let us know. You can either post something here (PLEASE always include a comprehensible file) or on https://en.extragroup.de/submit-ticket/. Happy to take a look.


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