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Final Rendering

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I'm looking to take the next step in final renders. The majority of my renders are for live events, conferences, etc. This is the final step for design approval, and most of our clients want "photo realistic." I've been using FQ Rendering or Final Interior via Vectorworks, but seems like some of the 3rd party rendering programs are more efficient. The only program I'm mildly familiar with is Cinema 4D, but the monthly subscription worries me. Looked into Twinmotion. Seems awesome, but geared more for architectural and outdoor renders. 

What are you guys using for final renders? 

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We use Cinema4d with the Corona Render engine or the Redshift render engine depending on the needs of the job.  Twinmotion is an option as is Enscape.  These are based on game engines and don't get as photo real as the raytracing renderers, but are more accessible and easier to learn. 


The VW roadmap says Redshift is coming to VW, but no timeline given and I imagine it will take a while to work the kinks out.

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I`d say there is no perfect option. I have been on C4D/Redshift workflow for years. Pretty expensive pipeline, and not even close to realtime. However, once you get everything (import/export, materials etc) sorted, results are good. I have tried other render engines as well. In my opinion, in general there are better engines, but I find Redshift is a killer when it comes to volumetrics and out-of-core. 
 Nowdays, MVR starts to enable moving from program to another more easily. So, for original question, I would check Depence2 and MVR workflow. Depence is expensive, and I think it is still on its way, but it already gives good results. It also works with pretty advanced materials + Substance. Realtime is a huge plus.
 Not to take over a thread, but if someone knows: In Depence2, do I really need the "Animate"-module to export simple still frame? I would buy it first thing in the morning, but this keeps me on hold.

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