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72" Round Banquet Tables

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Im new to Vectorworks and making my way through Spotlight in order to do fairly basic Event Layouts using venue CADs.  I finished a set-up using 66" Rounds but the client wants to see what 72" rounds looks like, so I choose all the 66" tables and hit "replace" but when looking for 72" Round in the Resource Library, they don't exist.  But when I watch VW training videos (albeit older ones) they clearly show them choosing 72" rounds.  Any ideas why the Resource Library doesn't show these size tables as an option?  They're very common venue tables.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The tables should be in Vectorworks 2021/Libraries/Defaults/Event Planning/Seating/Seating.vwx


Try using the search function in the Resource manager. Search for "72in Round" and it should find them.

Vectorworks does not use single quote marks or double quote marks in the symbol names.

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