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Making objects auto class

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Is there a way of making objects such as windows doors etc automatically go into a chosen class?

This would make the class function much more useful.

BTW we do not use the setup assistant for setting up our drawings , we find it too clunky, and irrevalent to new zealand drawing conventions.


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Try to use custom tool from organize menu. First make any door, assigne it to class you want,leave the door selected. Then go to custom tool and sign class there, give it name("door" for instance). Next time you need the door, you select tool door and select twice name "door" in command pallete- you'll get door with the class assigned.

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if your windows and dors are symbols, edit their insertion options.

If you are using the libraries from Architect, I usually import the door or window using the resources palette. Then go to 2-d edit, with the object selected I make sure all the attributes are set to class attributes. Then when I put it on a demo class the window is red and dashed, when I put it a base class it has solid lines. I almost never use the door and window object tools because you have to edit every time you draw one.

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