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Truss label enhancement request

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Since hoist changes in 2021, hoist label is less customisable than in 2020. I know that we could use Data tag efficiently now. But data tags colors don't change after bracework calculation like the hoist label.

Before 2021, I used hoist labels, and I could customizable all in one time and change all their position in one time. But nom in 2021 and 2022 beta, it appears not possible to move all label hoist, I  have to move one by one.

So is there a way to move hoist label for multiple selected hoists in one click?


Is there a way to color automatically data label with braceworks calculation results? And change automatically after each results?


Is it possible to have those possibility in a 2022 enhancement?


Possibility to have same hoists label management in 2022 than in hoists (legacy) tool in 2020?


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