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Copying details from someone else is somewhat unethical and potentially dangerous. I don't think anyone in this forum should be asking for details- free or not- or giving them out. You could be using deatils that are unfamiliar to you and may cause, at the least, construction problems, or at worst a liability to you firm. I know there are some places where you can buy details, but I would not use them ever. Details need to be learned, researched and experienced, not copied & pasted.

There are, though, several locations wher one can obtain drawings of objects such as furniture, automobiles, hatches, textures, plug-ins, etc., that can be used in VW. Some of these are:




I hope this advice assists you.

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Thanks for the replys. As for being *unethical", I wasn't implying plagarism by my request. I know there are various companies/manufacturers out there gladly supplying cad details for our use. And I have seen some ads for "detail libraries" for various generic construction detail situations, which then can be modified for particular jobs. I don't believe that starting each detail from scratch makes it any more correct than those from libraries, it is what utimatly ends up as the final document theat counts.

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Details, details, details!

I have not found many detail libraries for sale which are worth purchasing. I find that collecting/exchanging details with friends and those willing to share is a worthwhile activity as long as one fully understands the purpose of detailing to fit your project.

A good detail is instructive.

However one should use caution and sound judgement before committing a detail to a project.

I once was encouraged to stick my library of details out on the market by friends. Seemed like a slam dunk to garner a new profit center. However my legal counsel strongly discouraged me from doing so because of 3rd party, thrice removed liability problems possibly cropping up.

It amazes me how my own library becomes outdated so quickly and I am constantly revisiting a detail to fit it to the unique conditions of a project.

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