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Check drawing - Remove zero length circuit

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Hi Guys,

Not entirely sure how they got created, but I had a number of yellow triangular warning symbols dotted around a schematic the other day I selected the circuit lines which I thought they were associated with and tried to work out why they were highlighted. On clicking just the warning symbol I was able to delete it (and the offending associated circuit) so I am guessing that some how the circuit was zero length.


I realise you have a lot on and we are all eagerly anticipating great things this summer (no pressure! 🙂 ) but, could you include this as a consideration to check for zero (or silly short) length circuits in the check drawing function or something?


Thanks as always,


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Ross McLee


I checked the file. I think these arose because you renamed the device  the circuits were connected to. When I select one of these circuits the source and destination device is Loudspeaker. So I suspect that you created these by accident during a duplicate-modify operation. You can tidy these using Custom Selection.Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 13.33.30.png


We'll select for Circuit.ControlPoint03X = 0 and just delete them.





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That is exactly what I have done!

I created devices with the same name with joining circuits and mass copied them (they were simply called loudspeaker). I have moved them around etc but then renamed them to make them unique. I only deleted a handful so the fact you got 67 objects, I will follow your advice above and remove the remainder.


Thanks as always.


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