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Can you create a "clear" color?


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Related to my overlapping site models, my client has asked for more slope categories than VW's standard 6 (7 if you count the "in excess of" category.  They actually want about 12.  My idea was to copy the reduced area site model and do one slope analysis from 0-5%, leaving the excess white, and the next model with various colors from 5%+.  However, even with low opacity it doesn't work with the bottom layer colors dulled out.


It occurs that if a white color could be given very low opacity in the color palate manager, maybe that would work? But, I don't see anything in the help guides that suggests such a nearly "no fill" color can be produced.   Any other ideas?

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I need to overlay slope analysis models to get the number of classifications I want.  I figure if the lower slope model has the over 5% slope clear (I tried white) or very opaque white, I can put it over the other site model where the slope analysis will be from 5.1% up.  I have tried one opaque site model over the other, but it doesn't work.


I suppose I could trim the site model on top, leaving no color.  Is there a way like Photoshop where we can remove color from an object?


Thanks in advance.

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These are golf green "heat maps."  Their intent (although I have never, as a golfer, figured out just how the book tells me how hard to hit the putt!) is to help both golfers and also greenskeepers in putting the hole locations in an area golfers could be expected to reasonably make a putt, with anywhere from 3-4% being the absolute maximum, and 1.5% the minimum for drainage).  So, then, the map needs to show <1.5%, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3, 3.5, 3.75, 4, and then areas of steeper slopes (in some kind of deep, warm, red!) for slopes from >5%, >10, >15%, >20%, etc.  With a little tweaking I might get them to accept fewer, but not only 7.

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Yes, that is what I am doing.  I just need to convince the potential client that 7 variations is enough.  We asked VW if it was possible to change those number of categories of slope, but apparently, that is pretty well buried in old code, and not easy to change.   I will keep looking into Marionette and Data Viz, but obviously, the easiest is to just stay in VW basic functions, and perhaps convince them that 7 categories is enough!

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