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Replacing Site Model Crop?

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I have a situation where I need to replace an existing site model crop with a smaller one inside and meld the two models.  This is because I need a contour interval of 0.1' one the smaller model, and only 1' on the larger model.  So, I want to copy, then crop out the smaller site model, and then place it right back on top of the other one so both display as I want.


The manuals say I can go to the Edit Crop mode, delete the polyline that is the current site border and replace it.  For whatever reason, I cannot pick on the second polyline in crop edit mode and pull it in.  I have seen it done, and think I am either missing something obvious, or maybe a bug but if someone knows what I am missing (if that is the case) I would appreciate the help.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In the case that @Rossford is refering to a hole like you are suggesting will work also but in this case it is faster to duplicate and crop the second model and lay over the top. But yes this is also a great solution.

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