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steels in the vertical


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Our "joist/beam" object allows horizontal steel. If you want to draw exposed steel columns, you'll have to do it based on extruding one of the standard steel detailing shapes. Select the Wide-Flange object (say a W12x279, there's a good beefy one), then with the WF profile selected, choose the Ungroup command, click OK on the "are you sure" alert box, then extrude to the height you want.

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Alternatively, you could create the horizontal beam, "ungroup" it to convert it to 3D polygons, then rotate it to a vertical orientation.

BTW, it would be a great new capability to form columns using the beam/joist tool. I think the PIO-generated shape takes up less memory and less rendering power because it is simpler than the extruded 2D object, which has all of the fillets in it.

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Am I correct that the joist/beam object is 2d only. Several references are made to making "horizontal" beams. My experience is that the tool places an outline in whatever view you are in. In plan view it shows as a column. In my details it shows as a horizontal cross section.

Does this tool have some 3d component that I am not aware of?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The object named exactly "Joist/Beam" is a hybrid object -- sketch a line and it draws a beam in one of several profiles (wood rect, bar joist, wood truss, wide flange, etc.) in 3D. All you see in 2D is a line or optionally a double line. This is consistent with framing plans generally. There are also a number of 2D-only detailing objects (that can also be used as a column in 2D plans as you suggest) that are in the form of channels, beams, tubing, etc. These have various names.

Hope this clarification helps.

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If VW's cna so easily created horizontal beams, of various shapes, sizes, and materials, why didn't anyone think that the same ease would of been equally nice for the creation of columns?

Either stand alone columns, or ones that automatically attached to a defined column grid?

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