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Plant list & plant catalog interface


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Hi reem,

You may want to read my recent post regarding height and spread. It may answer questions you have about the size display and worksheets.

Cant help with the catagory as I havent used it in my worksheets. I will try and find time to investigate. (I have a bee in my bonnet regarding how the worksheets work wrt plant lists)



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I am using the plant catalog to create a plant list for the first time. I created a plant catalog, inputting the information for my plant list. I have created seperate plant list worksheets for each catagory: trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, ect.

I've encountered a problem:

The first time I recalulate my plant list and each time I add a new plant, the plant size doesn't show up in the chart. I have to go to the plant catalog and click in the entry field for the plant size. Then I go to the plant list and recalculate and the plant size shows up but the plant category changes. Next I go into the plant catalog and click on the scroll down menu that defines the plant category. Next, I go to the plant list and recalculate. Finally everything turns out right.

This doesn't happen every time, but most of the time. I had to take these steps in the order I described for about 80% of the plants in the plant catalog. And It's only the plant size and plant category fields that don't display accuratley. It's really time consuming. What's going on? Why doesn't the interface between the plant list and plant catalog work more smoothly?


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We are also experiencing difficulty with the plant category feature. We have one plant list that is designed to separate the plants into their particular 'plant categories.' However when i recalculate the plant list there is usually a few plants that have been misplaced (perennials listed as trees, shrubs listed as perennials, etc). the only solution i have found is to edit the plant catalog, coming all the way back up the chain of command to the plant reference database (where the plant category resides). Everytime the proper plant category is listed and i simply have to 'ok' the creation of the particular plant all over again. this usual solves the problem but i find it rather problematic that i constantly have to double and sometimes triple check the plant list.

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That is the very same problem I had. I must keep checking the plant list for mis-filed items and go back into the plant reference database to correct the problematic plants.So you can't rely on the plant lists to be accurate, although the plant list does count the plants accuratley. I hope that VectorWorks will solve this in their next version of Landmarks.

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Are you are adding new plants or adjusting plants to the plant catalogue dialogue box? When I have done this, the plants usually come out with wrong categories, etc. Add and adjust plants using the plant reference data base and then export to vectorworks. This seems to work fine. I know you can also access the plant reference data base through the program, but I'm not sure if this adjusts the plant reference data base for all files, or just the file you are working on.

Refer to my topic 'plant list sorting', last post 06 09 2005 where I have tried to make a plant list that categorizes all plants in one list. This seems works as long as there are not too many categories in one list.

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I'm sorry to ask this question, but i'm reading some topics since two hours and I've read a lot about the "VWL Plant Database Utility", and I just can't find it on my computer. I'm using VW Landmark 11.5 on MacOS X.

May someone help me to manage my plant database (adding, editing, etc.) ?

Thank you very much.


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