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Help!!! - I gave up on my Mac G4 and switched to a PC running XP. However, I would still like to use my VECTORWORKS ARCHITECT 9 on the PC. Would anyone be interested in swapping serial numbers for a PC version of Architect 9 for my Mac version? If so, email me!



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This is another interesting issue for users. I work on both platforms. I believe that for users who do there should be some sort of pricing structure for upgrades which recognizes one who uses both platforms without making them pay full freight on BOTH.

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I believe that you can contact the company and they will issue you a serial # for the PC. I've had friends do this in other offices. I don't think it cost anything. If you look at the license agreement, I think it says one user and one computer at a time. They should not have a problem with a switch.

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One more thing, if someone swaps serial numbers, or sells a copy of VW, please make sure you review the License Agreement to verify you are exchanging licenses legally.

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Thank you all for your reply.

I called Nemeschek, told them my situation. They said to provide me a serial number for the PC I would have to "purchase" one from them. It would cost $300+. I just upgraded from MiniCAD 7 to Vectorworks 9 last year and paid $600 for it. I work alone, so every penny counts - $300 is alot of pennies.

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