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Missing Object import from VSS/Library



Anyone else had issues with part of VSS/Library furniture being missing?? had it prev with sofa/cushions and now the stool.


The has happened a couple of times to me now - latest was today when imported a vectorworks stool into my model - see attached (all classes apart from ceiling are on). And the item is above the ffl level. 

Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 16.53.36.png964432524_173RENDERSv1-1a1A3.thumb.jpg.36ce1beb74524566256b7eeafffb381e.jpg

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That's weird.


I’ve had several more today.


This one fairly obviously missing something:



Dbl-click to edit the Solid Section + it brings the object back:



But by chance I noticed there was also a missing Cone object on the top:



The only way I could get this object to display was by resizing it.



Ironically I preferred the bollard without the cone on top so would have been happy not to have discovered it but bit disconcerting nevertheless...

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