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Data Tags & Windows in Symbols

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The beauty of Styles was that you could have, say, sixteen different window Types (different sizes, different operations), as symbols, all using the same Style.  Then, if you wanted to change, say, the trim width for ALL of the windows in a project, you could do so globally via the Style.  To use Styles like symbols (as I think you're suggesting) defeats that beauty entirely, as it would then be necessary to update all 16 window styles in order to change the trim width.


I've just tried adding Tags inside the symbols - one in plan and one in 3D for each symbol.  Works fine for the Floor Plan drawings, but the most I can get to show up in an Elevation (Section) Viewport is the hexagon, and not the text, even with "Display Text and Markers" selected.


Worksheets and the Modification and Selection tools can find things in symbols; I wish Data Tags could too.



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