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Is the speaker array tool just broken?

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Hey all!  I'm pretty sure it's nothing I'm doing in particular but it seems like the speaker array tool is jus doesn't work.  As soon as I create an array in a drawing it bogs down like crazy if I have to make even the smallest adjustment to it (nudging it, rotating etc).  Even the array configuration window opens up with some elements beyond the edge of the screen so I can't click on them.  What gives?

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Regarding bogging down...:  Are you using "Symbol" mode for either bumper or speakers?  If so, are your Symbols fairly detailed...what is the rendering mode for the Config dialog preview boxes...and, are the the bumper and any of the speakers tilted?  If so, try less detailed Symbols or Catalog/Library mode.  Highly-detailed Symbols take longer to render. in the Config dialog.  And, tilting elements in Symbol mode involves creating AutoHybrid geometry for each instance in your model, which can be time-consuming.


Regarding the dialog going beyond your screen limits...:  Check your computer spec. against recommended minimums.  With the last version, we actually worked on reducing the size of that dialog so as to work better with computers with the minimum specs.


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Hey, I'll have to check, I think I am using symbol mode.  But, even with detailed geometry I don't think it explains the level of sluggishness I get when I try to populate an array.  The whole drawing bogs down to crawl even for non-speaker related actions.  Not to mention if I move the array it will often repopulate with the speakers in the wrong place etc.  This has been since at least v2020.


I don't have size issues with any of the other dialogues that I used on a daily basis, it seems specific to the audio array tool

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