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Creating Worksheet with Class name object count

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Aloha, been very long time since I posted here!


I am not very familiar with Worsheet in VW--rarely use it. I want to create worksheet that will give a list of Class in the file and total count of objects within the class. 


I have tile layout that has different sizes. I put each size in an individual class. It will be cool to be able to pull the count of tiles in each class along with the class name. 


I was playing around and was able to create the following

Database with criteria "class is xyz"

Function: "class" on the first column 

Function: "count" on the second column

But it is not giving what I wanted...


Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you



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The way I would do this is to create a database with a Criteria of All Objects.  If you need sub objects then turn on the Symbols, Plug-ins, etc. options also.


Formulas in column headers of 

=C   (gives the class name)

=Count  (should return 1 for each object)


In the Class column set the option to SUMmerize

In the Count Column set the option to Sum Values.


You should then have a list of every Class used in the file and the number of objects in that class.

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