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Changling objects on a class/layer


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Hi everyone, 


I would like to be able to write scripts that change objects on a given layer/class. I will want to do things like: changing fill or pen colour/thickness or switching a particular layer/class off. Can you please advise me whether there is a good example of a similar script out there that I could have a look at and use as a guideline when adjusting to fit my needs?


Thank you very much!!

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Here is a very basic script that will give you an outline of what you need to do.


The key to this is the ForEachObject line. ForEachObject passes each object that matches the criteria (the second parameter in this case  that the Class is 'Dimension') to the procedure that is the first parameter (in this case Execute).


Inside the execute procedure, Hd1 is a Handle (Pointer) to the object currently being passes to the procedure. You can use it as I do in this example, or you can use it to get more information about the object and then decide what you want to do with that specific object, (ie change it, leave it alone, delete it, etc.).


You an put as many different commands in the Execute procedure as you need. So you could change the PenFore, FillFore, and Lineweight all in the same procedure.


Ask again as you need more information.




Procedure Change;

	NewPenColorR, NewPenColorG, NewPenColorB:	LongInt;
Procedure Execute(Hd1:Handle);
		SetPenFore(Hd1, NewPenColorR, NewPenColorG, NewPenColorB);
	NewPenColorR:= 65535;
	NewPenColorG:= 160;
	NewPenColorB:= 160;
	ForEachObject(Execute, ((C='Dimension')));



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