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Cased Openings- On Schedule?

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Am using VW Arch 10.1. I can't believe that you can't "check" the option to place a cased opg on the door or window schedule. Somebody tell me I'm missing something - that there is a way to set this option. Some cased openings are framed & some of the info pertinent to a door opg is also pertinent to a CO, such as size & frame matl.!! It is convenient to list these opgs. on the schedule. It would be nice is the size would be entered automatically like with doors. User since version 8.5?

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jfm, Thank you for your suggestion. However, I'm not trying to duplicate the Cased Opg., but get it on the Door Schedule. If the original PIO that you are duplicating is not checked to be on the schedule (in this case you CANNOT select On Schedule) than the duplicate will not be able to be On Schedule either, whether or not there is a Door Record attached. My workaround is to attach the Door Record to the Opg ID Symbol. But I don't want a workaround, I want an answer to my original question - Why can't I choose to put a Cased Opg. on a door or window schedule from the Object Info pallette? In other words it is the PROGRAM USER that should make the choice and not a Nemetschek programmer. I would like Nemetschek to answer that. Oh, I still have a copy of 8.5.2 on my computer, and guess what? You have the option to place a cased opg. on a schedule, just like any other door or window. Why was the option removed in subsequent versions of VW? A program is suppose to improve with new versions, and not go south!

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Well, I guess we thought that we were being smart, in automatically keeping cased openings off of the schedule, since you don't buy cased openings, you just install them. For some, this is a convenience. Obviously, for you, it's not. By the way, you CAN use a symbol, and attach a door record to it manually, but if you edit the PIO inside the symbol after the fact, the record will be automatically deleted. We were smart about that too. [smile] So this is not really such a great workaround. If no one objects, we'll change the door so that you can put cased openings on the schedule.

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Charles, I would definitely favor allowing cased openings to be placed on the door schedule. Using the cased opening is sometimes a matter of representation. I occasionally use a cased opening to create an opening in the wall, and build a door object manually - for a special garage door, for example.

By the way, because we are unable to edit these schedules, I have to export them into Excel and make adjustments. Someone has made the radical suggestion that, not only should we be able to edit cells in a schedule, but the schedule data could be made to interact with the drawing object. I.e., if a door is mistakenly set to 6-8, changing it on the schedule to 7-0 would change the drawing. If we want to insert a new door and not have its number be out of sequence, we could move the door numbers around in the schedule and the drawing would be updated to reflect the new numbering. Etc., etc.

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Charles, please consider the possibilities of a more dynamic and flexible door schedule, expanding on what was available in 8.5.....

For example, doors or openings should be able to be scheduled with and without doors, and/or with new or existing frames. The door schedule should accomodate door types, hardware types, frame types, accessories (e.g., lites), with all the relevant info, including notes, at the minimum. Please review a good set of architectural construction documents to understand the full complexity of the door schedule.

Please consider renovation projects, where doors may be replaced, but the existing frame is scheduled to remain (we have scheduled the reverse of that, also).

For many architects, a cased opening means a hollow metal frame or wood frame (not just an opening in a wall), and the type of frame is listed in the door schedule, referencing a frame schedule or series of elevations indicating the frame type. in this instance, the door item is shown as " - ", indicating to the contractor that a door slab is NOT part of that opening; coupled with no swing on the floor plan, the contractor gets the picture....

Not sure what you mean by "since you don't buy cased openings, you just install them." ....??? If you've got a free source for cased openings, please share.....

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Door schedules are a little smarter in 10.1 and later. Doors and windows now default to NOT being "on schedule", and the "on schedule" property for a door or window is turned on by the ID tool. This seems to make a little more sense. I agree with you-all that the cased opening needs to be schedule-able.

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