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Why can't I see imported dwg files



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @OllieBSD,


There might not be any graphics in the DWG Model Space or you might have wrongly chosen to create symbols in the current document (if you use Import DXF/DWG or DWF menu command). Would it be possible to you to send an example DWG, which demonstrates the problem? You could send it directly to me.


Thank you,


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Hi @Nina Ivanova , Thanks for responding to my post. I dragged and dropped the dwg files on to my drawing directly form Ideal Standard website. Normally as soon as the notification shows the successful import, I'm taken to the new design layer automatically where I can edit / copy the imported dwg to the design layer I'm working on.

If you could take a look at the files that would be greatly appreciated. 

ASH_DocM_S0684_2DDrwFt_NN.DWG IS_Attitude_A4592_2DDrwRt_NN.DWG IS_Strada_K082101_2DDrwLt_NN.DWG IS_Strada_K082101_2DDrwFt_NN.DWG

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thanks for the files, @OllieBSD! I looked at them and they seem very simple ones. Import was successful for all of them and graphics was properly created in a new design layer - I dragged and dropped each of the DWGs in a new blank document and used the Default DXF/DWG Import options. Resultant VW2021 documents are attached. 


I am not sure what might have went wrong with your import... Can I see an example Vectorworks document, created as a result of the import?



ASH_DocM_S0684_2DDrwFt_NN.vwx IS_Attitude_A4592_2DDrwRt_NN.vwx IS_Strada_K082101_2DDrwFt_NN.vwx IS_Strada_K082101_2DDrwLt_NN.vwx

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