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OpenGL viewport white, empty...


We have problems with some OpenGL viewports, which suddenly cannot be rendered any more. Instead they turn white. I can't upload the file, because it's a secret architecture competition.


However, can that be a performance-issue?


The slower machine is a 2013, the faster a 2015 iMac 😉 not the fastest ones, but, however, the viewports aren't heavy - 8.xx x 8.xx inch at 300 dpi = 2584 x 2584 dots 

The faster machine seems to handle the renderings (until now)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-09 um 11.14.39.png

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-09 um 11.27.48.png

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I think the only 1024 MB (1 GB) of VRAM of the weaker iMac might be not enough.

While the 2GB of the newer iMac are on the lower side too for current App usage.


Aren't there any problems in 3D Viewport when working, just when rendering VPs

with OpenGL render mode ?


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The Viewports looks like needing just a little bit more Pixels than the

whole screen resolution on the weaker iMac. Of course the 3D Viewport

is smaller. But if the File gets more complex over time there might arise

problems with the 3D Viewport soon too.


I cross my fingers that it will work fine on the newer iMac until the deadline

and wish success for the competition.



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