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the same 500ps woes


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my .cents;

the HP 500 is the worst choice for a plotter any one could make....


because it dosen't understand universal plotter/printer laguages without a software RIP specificaly for this plotter....

it has no spolling ability....

memory is very limited....

we had to use one a while back using OS 9 w/ VW 9 and the HP driver sucked so bad, an independant machine had to be used as a print server because of the driver crippling the machines with it's processor demands and crashes.

the company paid like $4k for this piece of junk!!!!!

for $2k more, a new 1050 could be had and all plotter issues go away.

the time i spent testing and troubleshooting easily surpassed $2k.

ah, the nightmares of OS 9 and an HP 500.

get yourself up to OS X.... download and install Gimpprint....ghostscript.... and kiss your HP 500 woes goodbye.

better yet, just dump the HP 500.

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