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Marionette bug in V2021 SP3.1

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Im not sure if I am the only one that have this problem but the following is happening.

I have a lot of marionette plugin symbols drawn in different files.


If I try to copy a plugin-symbol from the file that I build the plugin in, to a new file the symbol disappears as soon as i try to do some changes to the the symbol.
This also happens if I rotate the symbol from top/plan 2D. It seems that some of the nodes looses its connections when i do the copy/paste operation..

I have made a screenshot trying to show the problem.. Its kinda confusing because i have spent a-lot of time on some of these plugin-symbols..

My version is 2021 SP3.1 (build588748), running from a Macbook pro M1.

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Make sure that rather than doing a copy and paste operation, you are importing any referenced symbols.  Copying and pasting a Marionette object WILL NOT import them into the new drawing for you, nor will importing just the "red" symbol through the Resource Manager.  What's likely happening is that the Symbol nodes in your network don't have the proper symbols in the drawing, so they can't place them or manipulate them.  When I use embedded symbols in Marionette networks, I have a folder of all of the embedded components in the same location as the "red" symbol in the Resource Manager, so if I need a Marionette object from another drawing, I can quickly select both the "red" symbol and the folder of components and import them in one go.  Then you should be able to copy and paste the object or place a new one through the Resource Manager.


In terms of the non-filled nodes and broken links, I haven't seen anything like that in any of my uses (VW 2021 SP3.1, Windows 10), but I have seen quite a number of broken links when opening drawings created in earlier versions, sometimes drawing the wires but not having them actually "attach," so you have to go through the entire network "wiggling" each node to make sure the wires are properly attached.  Not my favorite.  But I haven't seen this so far transferring resources from one VW2021 document to another.

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@Endre Torkildsen


This is a known bug and has been reported already.

The issue here is the Marionette wrapper as a red symbol. Currently when dropping such a red symbol from the resource manager onto the design layer the connections between the nodes within the wrapper disconnect, if the scale of the design layer you want to drop the red symbol into is different to the scale of the design layer with which this particular red symbol was created.


So, to wrap thing up:

same scale = all good

different scale = Marionette Object disappears, because the node connections are removed

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On 6/11/2021 at 12:14 AM, Antonio Landsberger said:

This is a known bug and has been reported already.

Is there a solution in the near future for this bug? This scaling/import issue makes it difficult to collaborate internationally.


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