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Existing Tree Shoulder Tag Length or Options?

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Has there been any update or improvements to having the ability to control the default length of Existing Tree Shoulder length Tags? I have a plan with almost a hundred existing trees- many placed closely together. The tag line extends beyond the canopy of the tree and this is making identifications difficult as many of the tags appear next to a neighboring tree trunk so the tree could be misidentified. Selecting them individually and moving each one is a huge time suck and also prevents challenges with accidentally selecting things other than the tag lines in more densely planted areas. I've done a forum search and it doesn't look like there have been many questions or solutions to this for many years. 


Ideally I'd like to just turn the tag line off and just have the tag appear next to the trunk. Any ideas?


I'm running Vectorworks 2021 Australian version. 

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It seems like this should live right under 'ID Tag Options'.


It would be nice to have under the 'Display:' drop down an option to specify an abbreviation per species data - an 'LO' instead of 'Quercus argifolia' would certainly shorten the tag.

I realize that one can auto number with an 'LO' prefix, but I haven't figured out how to prefix/abbreviate by individual species data.

...or how to use the magic wand to select existing tress by species data either - which would speed up my custom prefixes.

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